Volunteer Resources

Here are a few things that may make it easier to set up your Recycle for Missions Campaign.

Recycle for Missions Summary gives an overview of the process and can be used to tell others in your church or organization about the concept.  

"Digital Age in Africa" is a 1 ½ minute  video the explains how cell phones are being used in Nigeria to reach into the deadly Boko Haram area.  This is a confidential video and cannot be shown to the public or on the internet, but can be shown in a church setting.  It is powerful and motivating and can be made available to you if you send as an email at info@RecycleforMissions.org.

A large self standing banner is available for your use for the campaign as well.  We can mail it to you to put next to the donation box that explains a little bit about the Recycle for Missions program.  


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