Once we have thousands of locations, we expect there will be millions of dollars available for missions.

Many people in our churches have drawers of unwanted phones and electronics. These electronics are often thrown away and end up in the landfills.

Recycle for Missions works with your church to help collect these unwanted electronic devices to be recycled and turned into cash for mission outreach.

Your church runs a campaign to encourage people to bring their device to the drop off box.  We supply a banner that tells people what can be recycled. Once all the devices are collected, usually after four weeks, they are boxed up and sent to Recycle for Missions HQ.

 We give you a prepaid mailer to send the collected items to us.

Once we receive your devices, we sort through them and send them to the recycle company. The devices that can be refurbished are fixed up and sold, other devices are broken down for the precious metals in them.

The recycling company gives Recycle for Missions a check.  From that we take out all incurred expenses.    A check is written to your church for 50% of the profits and the other 50% goes into a global mission fund run by Kolo Group.

At each location we expect about $100 to $1000 to be generated after costs. The process between sending the devices to Recycle for Missions HQ to receiving the church’s check from the profits will take 3-6 weeks. Once we have thousands of locations we expect there will be millions of dollars available for missions. 

Send us an email if you are interested in having this Recycling Event at your church or organization.  Please send an email to Info@RecycleforMissions.org.